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Hi! We are Spotch – a Remote workspace provider and we aim to Enrich Work. 

The Founding Story of Spotch  

Clayworks was founded in 2017 in JP Nagar, Bangalore and ever since then, we expanded to multiple locations across Bangalore. While managing workspaces, we noticed a lack of work from home infrastructure in India. With COVID’19 pushing everyone to work from home, a work from home product became a necessity. After nine months of research and development, Spotch S3 was born. Who are we?  

Spotch is a fully loaded portable office created to enable remote work in the post- covid era. It is made for working from home professionals and enterprises, intuitively designed to enrich productivity. Homes aren’t built to resemble an office, so people find working from home resulting in lower productivity. So we created a controlled workspace at your home with Spotch to solve customer pain points. Think of Spotch as a workspace specialist. We aim to Enrich Work. We help you make your work-life at home or office feel seamless. Spotch is inspired by the Indian urban user and their requirements. Our designs are consumer-centric and evolve according to their lifestyle. We want to let you be in control of the way you work through our app and the third-party services integrated into it. 

 “ready to get spotched?” 

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